Durban Climate Talks: The Fight Begins

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Durban Climate Talks: The Fight Begins

Global Warming / Climate Change has emerged as the single largest threat to mankind. The complexities of understanding global climate system and developing an appropriate global response strategy seem to have overthrown the scientific community into perpetual debate and widened the divide between the rich & poor nations.

Skepticism over veracity of climate change phenomena and the political inertia of developed countries have hindered progress, and started threatening the basic climate negotiation framework. With economic recession – a symptom of over-consumption mania – looming large in the backdrop, developed nations would look forward to convert Kyoto Protocol into an ’empty shell’.

The currently ongoing Durban Climate Talks would be a fight for the ‘right to grow’. The biggest challenge for UNFCCC leadership would be to keep the 193 member countries focused on pressing issues and prevent highjacking of agenda by recalcitrant members. Read more…

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