Driving on Sunshine: May 2017 Edition

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Disclaimer:  Hazel Henderson is an early investor in Envision Solar

Driving on Sunshine: May 2017 Edition


Interesting Times.
Dear Friends and Supporters,

It just keeps getting more and more interesting around here. During the last couple of weeks, we deployed EV ARC™ products outside the State Capitol in Sacramento and in a State Park in New York. Both ends of the country. Next week I’ll be in New York City and so will our EV ARC™ products as they charge NYC’s fleet vehicles at the 29th annual equipment and vehicle show.

The New York State deployment was our northernmost to date. Equipped with a 50-inch digital screen and our beautiful new status lights, it certainly is an eye catcher. Purchase orders have been coming in from, what I think are, some of our most interesting customers and use cases to date (more on that as the news goes public) and we’ve been interviewing some very talented people for our new marketing manager’s post.

But it’s not just an interesting time internally. We learned this week that BMW has trained 14,000 engineers, marketers and factory managers on the coming EV revolution this year. BMW also announced that it will invest heavily in transitioning factories to produce EVs just as VW and Mercedes have. It would be easy to assume that Tesla might be threatened by the deliberate and continuing trend toward electrification that one sees in the major automotive manufacturers. Will Tesla become a small fish in a big pond?

Not if Elon Musk continues to execute on his vision (which he’s had a history of pulling off). This week Mr. Musk showed images of an electric semi truck and said that Tesla would likely announce four new giga-factories (for batteries) in 2017. Tesla has a higher market cap than Ford because the investment community recognizes that Tesla is getting to the future faster than anyone else. BMW and the others seem to recognize that too. And then GM predicted that it will be first to profitability with its electric vehicle line up. I smile when I read “experts” stating that EVs won’t happen because the car companies can’t make money on them. Don’t put money on that bet. Experts said the same thing about laptops.

This two-week snapshot of news in the EV industry is not unique. We are witnessing the beginnings of a massive transition. The electrification of transportation is happening and all the automotive OEMs see it and are investing in it.

More EVs, cheaper batteries and more, much more, charging infrastructure – all are coming. From an investment point of view, it’s good to have a handle on what the future might look like. Envision Solar and our approach to rapidly deployed, renewably energized EV charging infrastructure is increasingly being referred to as “the future of fuel” by the still relatively small number of people who are aware of what we offer. We are going to pick the marketing manager who knows best how to take that relatively small number and make it a great big, gigantic number. I’m delighted to be a part of that future and I’m happy I’ve invested in it.

Thank you for your support.