Dr. Ikeda’s Peace Proposal 2013

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Dr. Ikeda’s Peace Proposal 2013



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Dear Reader,

We take the unprecedented step to circulate the last proposal for Peace from Dr. Ikeda, the Presiden of Sokka Gakai. We do this, because little progress, if any, the international community has been able to make on the two existential threats that the Planer faces ( beyond humankind), which are the atomic arsenal, and the climate change.


We hope to stir awareness and action. President Obama mention of nuclear disarmament in his recent speech on the state of the Union, opens a window of hope.


Only by dismantling the nuclear arsenal, there would be enough legitimacy to confront the growing attempt to make atomic weapons the arm of the poor, as North Korea and Iran are attempting to do. And yet, the Obama administration is setting aside a budget provision of 80 to120 billion dollars, just for the upkeep of its nuclear arsenal: twice what is required by the United Nations to eliminate extreme poverty.

Please find the English translated version of Dr. Ikeda’s Peace Proposal 2013 here:


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