Does Facebook want to stop online hate?

Jay Owen Wealth of Networks, Information Technology Issues

“We at Ethical Markets propose 5 steps necessary now for “Steering Social Media Toward Sanity“ .

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Think Trump was banned from Facebook? We’ve found a Facebook ad loophole that allows Trump and his Super PAC to dodge the rules and continue posting dangerous messages.

Tell Facebook to enforce its own policies — and close the ad loophole.






Trump was kicked off Facebook for good reason. But his ads are still there. Tell Facebook to enforce its own policies and stop Trump and his PAC from running political ads on the platform.


$30,617. That’s how much the Team Trump PAC has spent on Facebook ads over the past three months. These ads invite users to attend Trump rallies, donate to his political efforts, and more.

Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s accounts for two years — but the platform is still profiting from his lies and hate.

Trump has found a massive loophole that can be exploited all too easily — and Facebook needs to close it.

This loophole allows bad-faith actors like Trump to avoid playing by the rules, and Facebook to continue profiting from hate. This is not surprising: Facebook has failed time and time again to enforce its own rules.

It shouldn’t be so easy to break Facebook’s rules. But unless we speak out, the powerful platform will continue to let Trump and his PAC get away with it. Tell Facebook to enforce its own policies — and close the ad loophole.

Facebook may try to claim that this doesn’t violate Trump’s suspension, so long as the ads are not being posted in Trump’s “voice.” But Facebook’s policy is extremely vague and runs counter to campaign finance laws — and Trump is taking advantage.

Let’s be clear: All communications disseminated by this PAC, which Trump established and controls, are unquestionably in his voice.

If Facebook really wants to stop online hate, it must close this policy loophole.