Do you know how many ‘planets’ worth of resources we consume?

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Discover WWF’s report on the state of the planet!

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Do you know how many ‘planets’ worth of resources we consume?

Today we launched the tenth edition of our flagship publication, The Living Planet Report 2014. With the theme Species and Spaces, People and Places, the report summarizes the state of Earth’s natural systems by measuring wildlife populations and humanity’s footprint.

While the report finds critical wildlife populations are declining and our Ecological Footprint continues to rise there remain opportunities to reverse these trends through positive action by governments, businesses, individuals (that’s you!) and civil society.

The great news is that solutions to save species, spaces, people and places do not have to be complex, sophisticated or hi-tech – they are as simple as:

  • preserving natural capital
  • producing better
  • consuming more wisely

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