Decoding PULSE + New Report on Social Change Impact

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We at Ethical Markets are supportive of all these socially and environmentally responsible investments, but still mystified by the new term “impact investing” which conceals more than it clarifies , since ALL investments have impacts, some blow the tops off mountains! Can you add “positive” if that’s what you think they are? – Hazel Henderson, Editor

The Alphabet Soup of Measuring Impact: Decoding PULSE

Ask any portfolio manager and they will likely tell you that tracking the impact of their investments is one of their greatest challenges. According to a recent report from J.P. Morgan, the impact investing industry’s biggest risk is around investment illiquidity and uncertainty of financial returns. For impact data to be useful to an organization, it needs to be collected and managed in an organized way.

This is where PULSE comes in as a technology solution to support these processes and manage impact data, says Beth Busenhart. Learn the how, where, what and why of PULSE on CSRwire Talkback.

Video: Re-imagining the Big Picture

What is impact investing’s role within the context of our historical assumptions, present-day social, economic and ecological position, and future opportunity?
David McConville, President of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, explores how questioning the outdated assumptions underlying “business as usual?” approaches is the first step in designing for a resilient future. Check out McConville on YouTube.

Interview: David Murphy, CEO, Better World Books

Better World Books is a social enterprise that has donated over 6 million books, reused or recycled 85 million books, and an annual revenue of over $55 million in 2011.
In an interview with SoCap, CEO David Murphy discusses the organization?s mission, scaling a business idea, mentorship, and the hurdles this team had to overcome. Murphy also shared his five-year vision for the social capital market and identified critical challenges ahead. Take a look.

Social Entrepreneurship  vs. Social Innovation: The Same Thing?

You really would not want to go out for beers with most social entrepreneurs. They are stubborn, opinionated, obsessional and basically difficult people.”

Are social entrepreneurship and social innovation interchangeable? Besides the stark differences in how a social entrepreneur and a social innovator pproach business, social issues and solutions, David Wilcox offers four distinct differences and warns: “To be a social entrepreneur, you have to be misunderstood for at least 10 years.” On CSRwire Talkback.

SOCAP12: Early Bird Registration Now Open

SOCAP12 will be held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA from October 1-4. Join the world?s pioneering impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, civic leaders, and innovators to create the intersections where you – with friends and valuable strangers – mobilize resources and capital for good.

Confirmed participants include leaders from McKinsey, Rockefeller Foundation, Federal Reserve, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, REDF, Acumen Fund and Impact Assets. They will join ~1,500 others to explore themes like ‘Who is the Impact Investor?,’ ‘Tomorrow’s Philanthropy,’ ‘The Public Sector Arrives,’ ‘The Entrepreneur Experience,’ and ‘Tech for Good.’
This year SOCAP is offering both entry-level and expert-level workshops. Whether you’re a SOCAP first-timer or an old hand, be challenged and raise your game! SOCAP12 30% Off Early Bird – a $403.50 discount – is now open. Learn More.