December PVNews Unveils New SREC Tracker

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December PVNews Unveils New SREC Tracker
SREC oversupply in New Jersey and Pennsylvania starts to strangle once-thriving markets.

The Race to Scale in Solar Electronics: Tigo Banks $18M
Are panel optimizers more than a niche?

UISOL: Smart Grid Architect for Hire
UISOL calls itself a “utility system integrator.” Will its smart grid architecture service for munis and co-ops take off?

Siemens, Competitors Snapping up Smart Grid Software
Siemens’ purchase of eMeter highlights software as a smart grid acquisition target. Expect the likes of HP, Oracle and SAP to get involved.

Emerging Smart Meter Market Could Be Worth $49B
Which country are you watching?

Green Jobs: COO Leaves Silver Spring Networks
Plus, CEO moves at Calisolar, EcoFactor, SunLogics, and Lunera Lighting

Illinois to Smart Grid: Prove You’re Worth it-or Pay
Illinois utilities ComEd and Ameren will be forced to prove their smart grid spending is performing up to expectations or pay a penalty.

Can Heliatek Get Organic PV to Market?
Current record holder for OSC efficiency at 9.8 percent sets its market sights on BIPV.