December 5th Invitation: FOUNDING A MOVEMENT Women’s World Banking 1975 – 1990

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012, 4.00 – 7.00 p.m.
United Nations Headquarters
North Lawn Building
(Visitor’s Entrance on First Avenue & 46th Street)
Conference Room 1
A book signing and reception hosted by William Bohnett will follow.
The book documents the global voices, cultures and business and banking traditions
that came together in true collaboration to form Women’s World Banking.
RSVP by 30 November to:
[email protected]

The story is not mine alone, but that of many of us who came together… change the way the world works……Together we created a movement that changed the formal money system to give women access to the financial system in their own countries.

After finishing my teaching life at Manhattanville College, I wanted to contact all the people with whom I had worked to create our dream, and began contacting them about what they thought we had created. And then Lilia Clemente agreed to create a similar story about our donors and our financial history. Then, we realized that we had a great story!!!

Many of the founders are coming together to talk about life then and now, what we have learned during the past 38 years, what fun we had during the early days = and to say thank you to all those who helped us.  We want to share this with others.

We are grateful to The Dutch Mission to the UN for agreeing to sponsor the venue for this gathering at the UN headquarters from 4 to 6pm in Conference Room 1, and a dear friend Bill Bohnett has invited us to a book signing event.

In order to be cleared into the UN, you must RSVP to the attached Invitation with your name and that of your family and friends who are coming with you. Be sure to bring a photo ID.