Dear President Obama…

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“We at Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) say “Bravo” to Ralph Avallone and the Green Energy Council, Hazel Henderson, Editor”

January 4, 2011

Dear President Obama,

As I sit here literally 150 yards from the Oval office in our Washington, D.C. offices, I can’t help but wonder if you are as frustrated as I am about the American economy.

I have dedicated almost every moment of my life over the last four years to assist green technology companies in becoming successful. I have spent on average 250 days each year traveling to 47 of our great 50 states. I have met with small town mayors,congressional leaders and International leaders in 65 countries promoting green technology.

I have seen technologies here in America that with the right support could literally change the World. Brilliant ideas that if just backed by our Federal government would put millions of Americans back to work.

Technologies that can make water from the humidity in the air that alone can solve the water shortages in Florida. But yet the CEO of that company is having trouble keeping his cell phone on let alone put unemployed Americans back to work manufacturing his product.

I have seen a product that could literally remediate the tar balls on Gulf Coast beaches, while also taking manure from the livestock industry and turn it into a brick that can be burned in any coal fire burning facility at the same BTU’s as coal but yet BP, the Federal government and the energy sector won’t give this amazing scientist the right time of day, let alone subsidize his company.

A product that makes an organic fertilizer from worm waste that should be integrated into every landscape design in America that can save millions of tons of harmful emissions from going into the atmosphere but yet this husband and wife team can’t find the capitalization they need to manufacture their product.

A reusable garment bag that can be used in every dry cleaning store in America to save millions of tons of plastic from going to landfills that has to be manufactured in China because this amazing woman can’t receive money from our government to manufacture it right here in the good old USA. Here’s an idea. Mandate that every military dress uniform that’s given to a soldier upon graduation of basic training come in one of these bags and subsidize this company to put America back to work!

A company that plants trees that can grow 65 feet in five years, be cut down and a new tree grows on the same stump every four years thereafter that can supply a whole new lumber industry here in the United States while reducing carbon emissions. But yet they are struggling to plant their first forest here in America!

A fuel catalyst technology that if subsidized by our federal government and regulated as an emission control system can reduce millions of tons of carbon from our atmosphere while creating better ozone for our children but yet this inventor can’t seem to get the attention of the car manufacturers and the farming industry so that he can help them add fuel efficiency and save money at the same time.

A retired Army Ranger that created a roof application process for commercial roofing that if applied could save up to 40% of the energy usage of that building. A product that if applied to every one of the 80 million commercial, retail and institutional buildings in America can create enough solar reflect ability that we could recapture 60% of the lost polar ice caps that have melted in the last 10 years.

We gave the car manufacturers $100 billion dollars and last year SUV sales were up 6% and Hyrbrids were down 2% and gasoline is rising to the point that by summer it will be $4.00 per gallon again! When will were learn our lesson about fossil fuels?

Why was America so successful over the last 60 plus years?

Because we built things Mr. President. Because America realized that we could manufacture anything! During World War 2 we made a war machine that freed the World from oppression.

Returning American soldiers from World War 2 came home to jobs. Jobs in manufacturing. Jobs in building new homes and businesses. We built an economic superpower by our ability to make things that the World wanted.

As soon as we stopped building. The American economy collapsed. We sent our manufacturing jobs to China and our service based jobs to India. All we were left with was pushing empty paper on Wall St. and we are reaping the economy that we sowed.

Mr. President, green technologies like the ones I have described in this letter have the ability of recapturing American manufacturing prowess while restoring our economy at the same time.

Here is an idea Mr. President, if the next round of stimulus money were given to every American household and business in the form of a prepaid Visa card where all that family or business could use that card for was to make their homes or businesses more energy efficient or weatherized, then that would immediately put millions of Americans back to work and give the green technology sector the shot in the arm it so desperately needs!

If the banks whom we gave $300 billion to and now are not lending any small green technology business money were rewarded from the Federal government for their investment in putting Americans back to work, then you would see them giving small green technology businesses money.

You want to see America lead in the next new battery technology then give MIT $25 billion to perfect Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology and watch the World look to America to manufacture the only storage technology capable of capturing the power of the sun!

Have the federal government subsidize carbon vacuuming, cloud breaking, wave to energy technology, hydro kinetic technology, algae based bio fuel research and atmospheric water generating technolgies and I gaurantee you that America will make things again, millions of Americans will get back to work and the America economy will be vibrant again.

Thomas Jefferson once said that every generation needs a revolution. I ask you Mr. President to help America take advantage of the great green revolution!

I am still committed every day to my mission and will until my last breath. I am committed to make this Earth a better place because our organization existed.

Are you going to help me Mr. President? Are you still committed to make America great again?

Walk across the street and lets talk about it.


Ralph Avallone
National Green Energy Council
1701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Suite 300
Washington, D.C.