DC Loading of Distributed PV Systems Utilizing AE 3TL Inverters

Jay Owen Greentech

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DC Loading of Distributed PV Systems Utilizing AE 3TL Inverters »
This paper describes some scenarios supporting the trend for higher DC load ratios, and provides example cost modeling to illustrate the potential economic advantages. The paper will also discuss the capability of Advanced Energy’s 3TL inverters to handle higher DC load ratios and some of the key factors that must be taken into account from a system design perspective.

Optimizing Commercial Solar Systems with SolarEdge »
A study conducted by 3rd party engineering firm Solvida compared three inverter solutions: 600V central inverters, 1000V string inverters and SolarEdge’s 3-phase commercial inverters. SolarEdge demonstrated the greatest cost reduction in eBoS costs, nearly eliminating the DC-side eBoS entirely. Furthermore, SolarEdge’s warranty gives it the edge in total lifetime cost making it the best overall solution for a lower cost of electricity.

SMA Q at Night: Reactive power outside of feed-in operation with the Sunny Central »
The electrical grid has a fundamental need for reactive power and, in some cases, the requirement to avoid instabilities via reactive power feed-in. SMA Sunny Central CP XT inverters satisfy this requirement and make reactive power available even outside of normal feed-in periods. By utilizing reactive power during the day – and at night – utilities can leverage the use of existing equipment and avoid stand-alone solutions, resulting in superior performance.

New Learning Opportunity from GTM: Value Engineering for Post-ITC Solar Projects Online Course  »
Are you a thought leader in the solar industry? Are you ready to master more knowledge and tools it will take to help the solar industry thrive in a post-ITC world? Learn how to dramatically improve solar project economics in this seven-week advanced training course, designed for experienced professionals looking to continue leading as the solar industry evolves in the face of declining incentives in the years ahead.

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