Davos, without snark

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“Ethical Markets congratulates our Advisory Board member Joel Makower on this insightful and comprehensive view from WEF at Davos!

We are  happy to learn of our longtime colleague John Elkington, CEO of Volans, who also serves on the global Judges Panel for our EthicMark® Awards for Communications Uplifting the Human Spirit & Society  (www.ethicmark.org), has announced a new prize, the “Green Swan Prize“ for innovators in global sustainability.


Also, we are delighted to see the progress now evident in global acceptance of new foods, including those flourishing around the world on saltwater (halophytes, e.g. quinoa, salicornia, salt-tolerant rice,), thriving without pesticides or fertilizers for centuries in 22 countries, but overlooked by our current unsustainable agro-chemical-industrial food system, teetering on the planet’s 3% of freshwater. We have been reporting on all these opportunities for over 5 years, see our annual Green Transition Scoreboard® reports, including “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition & Health“, 2018, “Transitioning to Science-Based Investing”, 2019-2020 and “Investing In Saltwater Agriculture-The Next Big Thing”, (all free at www.ethicalmarkets.com).


Our latest news is on the forthcoming scientific seminar at Arizona State University, with global agronomists and researchers on Salicornia, hosted by Dr. Carl Hodges and his team at Saltwaterworks, March 5-7, 2020.  I and NASA Chief Scientist Bushnell are participants.  Stay tuned!


~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Davos, without snark

I’m just back from the World Economic Forum’s 2020 summit, in Davos, Switzerland — WEF’s 50th annual shindig, but my first. It was an intense, bewildering and sometimes challenging experience, but I’m quite glad I finally got to scratch that itch.

It’s easy to be snarky about such an elite event, though it’s hard to diss anything in such a beautiful mountain setting. Until WEF began meeting in Davos every January, the Alpine town was best known as a popular destination for the sick and ailing because its microclimate was deemed beneficial to those with lung disorders, notably tuberculosis. Today, even amid all the subsequent development and gridlocked limos, the stunning scenery is still a breath of fresh air.

I didn’t have credentials to attend the heavily fortressed main event. (Badges were even more scarce than usual: Several Davos veterans I know were denied access this year for the first time in a decade or more.) But I attended or spoke at nearly a score of side events and gatherings that took place last week and compared notes with several of those who did manage coveted access to the Congress Centre and surrounding security zone.

While the sessions both inside and outside the Congress Centre covered a broad range of issues, sustainability and otherwise, there was particular heat at both the official and unofficial events around a handful of topics: sustainable food systems; nature-based solutions; sustainable fashion; the circular economy; and ESG investing. Much of it was framed in the context of “climate risk,” a term that rather suddenly seems to be on everyone’s lips.

You can read my full report here.

Speaking of iconic events, I’m looking forward to seeing around 1,500 of you next week at GreenBiz 20 in Phoenix. That event is shaping up quite nicely — and, according to the 10-day forecast, the weather’s looking pretty good, too. Just the right climate for collaborating in the desert.

It’s not too late to attend in person, but if you aren’t able to join us, you can view the mainstage action from the warm climate of your desk via our free livestream. To participate in GreenBiz 20 Virtual, register here.


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