Cutting Edge Capital Raised $150,000 Through a DPO!

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JUNE 2013










We have reached our goal and raised $150,000 with our Direct Public Offering.  To you who invested, we wish to express our deepest gratitude.  What you have done for CEC is what we intend to do for thousands of other companies that need our leadership, guidance, and expertise so that they too can gain their own community support, grow their opportunities, and join the movement to redefine how a sustainable capital market can operate.


The last day to invest is Monday, 7/1/13.  Click here for more information.  



Vote now to see Jenny Kassan and other Local Investment Pioneers at SOCAP 2013


Visit SOCAP OPEN to vote to see the Innovations in Capital Markets panel at SOCAP 2013.  This panel would feature CEC’s Jenny Kassan, James Frazier from Local Investing Resource Center, Konda Mason from HUB Oakland, and Amy Pearl fromChangeXChange NW.  Topics discussed will be local investing networks, direct public offeringscrowdfunding, and more.   







Creating a Community Investment Fund: A Local Food Approach


This handbook, sponsored by the Solidago Foundation & Lydia B. Stokes Foundation, was written by CEC fellow Michael Shuman with contributions from Jeff Rosen, Tom Willits, and CEC CEO Jenny Kassan.  Download the full report.  






ChangeXChange NW has officially launched!


Powered by Springboard InnovationChangeXChange NW is a brand new economic engine for growing community capital by connecting the dots between socially-minded investors and locally-owned businesses.  Simply put, ChangeXChange NW enables communities to invest in themselves.








We’re hiring!


We are looking for a fierce new Operations Assistant to support the entire management team in the day-to-day operations at Cutting Edge CapitalKatovich & Kassan Law Group, and Community Ventures. Successful candidates will love administrative work, have excellent customer service skills, contribute to the positive and collegial work environment, be able to work in a fast paced environment, and have strong attention to detail.  Please submit a cover letter and resume to our COO Angelica Banks.  Click here for a full job description.  












Support A Clean Break for Community Power 


The Energy Solidarity Cooperative is raising money to develop and install five cooperatively-owned solar power projects with schools and community groups in California through indiegogo.  Your support will help ESC do a direct public offering (DPO).  There are 11 days left in their campaign – please visit our partner page for more information on their campaign.  









Webinar with Jenny Kassan and CEC Client Real Pickles about DPOs


Watch this webinar with Jenny Kassan and Dan Rosenberg of Real Pickles.  









Our client’s structural wall system saves 60% of the energy costs for refrigeration facilities.  The wall’s insulation is 3.5 times California’s requirements for a refrigerated warehouse.  The wall captures daytime heat and solar energy, delays its entry into the building, and re-radiates to the cooler night environment.  This enables the refrigeration system to operate during non-peak hours when energy costs are lower.  The Energy MassTM wall system qualifies for (1) PG&E “savings by design” at the highest level of funding, (2) PG&E’s annually distributed rebate for thermal load shifting — “demand response” program, (3) the Federal USDA – Rural Energy for America Program, and (4) Federal tax credits.


For more information contact: Integrated Structures Incorporated at (510) 665-9633.











How to Market Your Investment Crowdfunding Campaign by Jenny Kassan


Here are some tips from two experts, Dan Rosenberg of Real Pickles and Marty Gay of Quimper Mercantile.

1. Plan your marketing campaign in advance

While you’re waiting for the regulatory approval process to be completed, plan how you will market the offering.

  • What messaging will you use? What will resonate with your potential investors?
  • Who and where are your potential investors and how will you target them?
  • Start building your network of supporters and fans as early as possible – both online and face to face.
  • Make a list of potential investors that you already know – think of both wealthy and non-wealthy individuals, nonprofits organizations, foundations, businesses . . . .






How to Raise Capital Perpetually with a Direct Public Offering

by Nate Hyun


Using a direct public offering (DPO), businesses and nonprofits can raise capital from the public from both accredited and non-accredited investors.  To be able to do this, the organization applies for regulatory approval where investors will be solicited.  These approvals generally last for one year.









What is the difference between a Benefit Corporation and a B Corp

by Jenny Kassan


B Corp

B Corps are not statuatory business forms.  In fact, any business from can be a B Corp – this is slightly confusing because the name implies you have to be a corporation.  In fact a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, LLP, co-operative, or any other type of business can be a B Corp.  










Cutting Edge Capital Staff will be speaking at these great events… 




Oakland, CA

September 2nd

CEO Jenny Kassan will be speaking


?The Community Capital Symposium is dedicated to empowering community ventures and locally-focused investors to build thriving communities together.  We will be exploring the emerging world of Direct Public Offerings, local investing clubs and networks, crowdfunding, and other ways that communities can unlock previously inaccessible sources of local, grassroots capital. This event is sponsored by Cutting Edge Capital, the Local Investing Resource CenterHUB OaklandSustainable Business Alliance (a network of BALLE– Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), and Springboard Innovation.