Cucumbers grown from the sea + Water from desert fog

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A Norweigen and Qatar led project in Qatar has triumphant news.

It might seem like peanuts because it’s about about a cucumber, but it’s big news for revolutionizing desert agriculture in saline conditions.

And… cucumbers are a staple in the Middle Eastern diet.

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MASDAR to Pull Water and Energy from Desert Fog


Fog is London. And it’s probably the last thing you’d think about when in the middle of the Arabian desert and the hot desert sun.

But 20 major fog events every year in the United Arab Emirates are powerful enough to create energy and much-needed fresh water. Find out how MASDAR is leading the way.

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How Discos Are Disintegrating the Fairy Chimneys in Turkey

If you visit Capadoccia in Turkey, the most striking part of the landscape is the 40 square miles of Fairy Chimneys which are natural rock formations that once housed monks and other peoples throughout the ages. Featured in the first Star Wars film (I think it was the Ewok’s home), these statuesque formations are going to radically disappear. Unless the discos stop, along with other man-caused pollution, geologists warn.

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