CSR News: Sustainable consumption and the challenge of ISO 26000

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Sustainable consumption and the challenge of ISO 26000

by Richard Welford

In the core subject area of consumer issues, the new ISO26000 standard argues that organizations have significant opportunities to contribute to sustainable consumption and sustainable development through the products and services they offer and the information they provide. It goes on to argue that sustainable consumption is consumption of products and resources at rates consistent with sustainable development. It says that … (More)

Does responsible behavior only come in times of need?

by Mara Chiorean

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2010 Asia ex-Japan report was released in Hong Kong this month. The report, compiled by ASrIA, provides information on climate change policies and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of Asian companies. CDP has become the leading registry for large companies providing a comprehensive database of possible actions and strategies that can be implemented in relation to climate change. CDP 2010’s report … (More)

Source of the problem or part of the solution – mobilizing the private sector for climate change adaptation

by Leena Wokeck

With the evidence of climate change becoming ever more pressing, the voices for urgent action to adapt to changing conditions and secure the vitality of economies and the wellbeing of societies are becoming louder and more numerous. The issue of necessary adaptation to a changing climate is now prevalent in global dialogues on development and arguably any effort at development needs to take into account climate change in order to be … (More)

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