CSR Asia Weekly Vol.6 Week 46

Ethical Markets SRI/ESG News

Improving corporate community involvement through a human rights based approach
by Michelle Brown

Many companies want to make a positive contribution to the communities they are a part of, they do business in, they sell to or they source from. This of course will be primarily through how they manage their core business but can also be through their additional social investment. Even with good intention there is a risk and potential for wasted resources and for efforts which can even undermine the ability of local governments and … (More)

Challenges towards sustainable palm oil post RT8
by Gabriel Chong

The 8th Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT8) was held in Jakarta last week. Over 700 participants from across different stakeholder groups were in attendance to engage on the sustainability journey of the world’s leading oil crop. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was formed to generate a supply of palm oil that does not violate social and environmental standards. As a multi-stakeholder … (More)

Understanding eco-labels and getting them right for your business
by Jill Chin

This article examines the growing presence of eco-labels globally and in Asia and highlights the practical considerations behind a successful implementation of eco-labels. Companies that embrace the spirit of environmental sustainability in their product management and conduct can expect the greatest return from eco-labelling by building long-term consumer trust. According to the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), an eco-label is … (More)

Taxing issues
by Erin Lyon

The issue of tax has come on to my radar twice this week and in very different contexts. One story was from Europe and the other from here in Asia. The two stories seem to reflect how CSR issues do vary from one geographic and political location to another. The European issue was covered in the Financial Times Asia Edition and is based on a report by Christian Aid (CA) which targets four multinational companies based in the UK, or as … (More)