CSR Asia Weekly: Is Connectivity a Human Right? / ESG Performance Impacts Creditworthiness in Investors’ Eyes

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8 April: Online Training – Community Investment Strategy and Impact Measurement

Don’t miss the 2-hour online training which will include an introduction of the “csr asia Community Investment Scorecard” used by a number of csr asia clients and an overview of strategic community investment, with a focus on tools to measure the impact of corporate community investment initiatives.

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Is Connectivity a Human Right?

About thirty years ago a group of academics and government officials started an experimental band of computer systems. That experiment has evolved into what we call the World Wide WebRead more

ESG Performance Impacts Creditworthiness in Investors’ Eyes

The Stock Exchange of hong kong Limited (the Exchange), published the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (esg Reporting Guide) in 2013, and it has been a recommended practice since then … Read more

Join us for a 4-day intensive course on Business and Human Rights.
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Explore how your business can contribute to the protection of human rights. Join us in Bangkok from 14-17 March 2014! The Business and Human Rights course will provide an overview of human rights issues, complicity risks and systems in which businesses can approach them. It will examine the role of the private sector in the promotion of Human Rights and will equip participants with practical tools for effective implementation. The course is jointly delivered with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Interested applicants can visit www.csr-asia.com or email [email protected] for further details.