CRS NewSolutions (Fall/Winter 2019)

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Photo: Eberhard Grossgasteiger

In This Issue: Green-e® 2019 Verification Report • Renewable Energy in China • Green-e® Renewable Fuels • Spotlight: Bank of America • State Policy Update • Philippine and Tunisian Delegations • REM Asia Announced • REM 2020 • Spotlight: Rock Canyon Coffee • Welcome New Participants • Congratulations GPLA Winners • In the News • CRS at the Climate Strike • On the Road • CRS’s New Look • Welcome New Staff

2019 Green-e® Verification Report Shows Increase in Solar Generation, New Facilities

Retail sales certified by the Green-e® Energy program reached over 62 million megawatt hours (MWh) in 2018, the highest number of certified retail MWh to date. 2018 saw over 3.7 million MWh came from solar generation, a nearly 80% increase over the previous year. The majority of the energy supplying certified sales came from facilities less than five years old.


Just Published

Accelerating Corporate Renewable Energy Engagement in China

While there are many new and existing mechanisms in China that enable companies to access renewable energy, the Chinese voluntary market is still early in its development, and much more can be done to create market conditions that facilitate a significant scale-up of private investment. The report Accelerating Corporate Renewable Energy Engagement in China, released by Center for Resource Solutions, reviews the current state of the Chinese voluntary renewable energy market, including existing and emerging procurement mechanisms and new retail electric providers, and offers recommendations for policy and market tools that will complement the new demand for renewable energy throughout China. The report is also available in Chinese.