CrowdConf 2012: Customers Take The Stage October 23

kristy Crowdfunding

Kickstarter, the world’s most popular crowdfunding website, unveiled a multitude of new rules for project creators last week. The new guidelines are meant to emphasize the creative nature of the site over its function as a destination to pre-order products.


CrowdConf 2012: Customers Take The Stage October 23

At this year’s CrowdConf on October 23 in San Francisco, the focus is on customers. The conference organizers at CrowdFlower sent us this preview.

Coca-Cola Embracing Open Innovation, Taps into Facebook Fan Base for Ideas

Coca-Cola is looking to open up its innovation process, the company’s director of innovation Anthony Newstead announced at Dreamforce 2012.

Gambitious Launches, Brings Equity and Donation Crowdfunding to Video Games

The platform advocates the ‘hybrid’ model of crowdfunding, which consists of both donations and investments. We speak with the cofounder, Mike Wilson, to bring you the latest.

Spigit Acquires Crowdcast

Spigit, a social innovation software company, announced its acquisition of Crowdcast for an undisclosed amount. As part of the deal, Spigit will add Crowdcast’s patents to its own portfolio, and Crowdcast’s leadership team will join Spigit’s.