Cow-free milk wins TLC 2020 | Under-investment in foodtech | GRI and SASB team up

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Last week, Temasek Foundation and Eco-Business crowned this year’s grand prize winner of The Liveability Challenge, the third edition of our annual search for solutions to some of the biggest problems Asian cities face.

Congratulations to all the finalist teams for delivering superb presentations, and to cell-based milk start-up TurtleTree Labs who won S$1 million in funding! The funds will enable them to scale their technology, which addresses the climate impact and animal welfare issues plaguing the $700 billion industrial dairy industry.

Thank you to those who tuned in to our livestream event — attended by more than 2,000 people across the globe — which also featured other food production, circular packaging and decarbonisation solutions from NamZ, NTU and AlterPacks, Mi Terro, String Bio, Shiok Meats and GALY. You can view photos from the event here.

In other news, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Eco-Business Telegram channel! It’s our latest effort to help our readers across the world stay informed of the latest news and developments. Do subscribe to it — we can also be found on Spotify (podcasts), Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Jessica Cheam
Founder and Managing Director

Cow-free milk wins The Liveability Challenge 2020

A lab-grown alternative to cow’s milk has won an annual search for solutions to make Southeast Asia’s cities more resilient, sustainable places to live.

Covid-induced food insecurity has exposed under-investment in foodtech, says sustainability entrepreneur

Past winner of sustainability innovation competition The Liveability Challenge says the pandemic has shown that too much money and brainpower has been invested in traditional technologies, and not enough in tech to safeguard food security.

Rival standards bodies team up to clarify sustainability reporting as Covid increases pressure to disclose ESG data

GRI and SASB, which were embroiled in a public spat less than a year ago, are working together to bring greater clarity to the ‘complicated’ reporting landscape. Some industry observers are disappointed they aren’t merging.

Widespread air quality data gaps threaten global pollution fight, study finds

Despite data being critical to enabling society to improve the air it breathes, most nations around the world do not measure pollution levels, while some choose not to make information publicly available.

Disease hotspots flourish when the city meets the country

With global cities grinding to a halt in the Covid-19 pandemic, the ability of urban centres to cope with sudden infectious disease outbreaks has been brought under the microscope.

Saved by the pandemic?

If we make the right choices as lockdowns ease, then the pandemic might just have thrown humanity a lifeline in dealing with the much greater challenge of climate change.

China’s new green bond catalogue could be greener

A new consultation draft of China’s green bond catalogue removes coal and consolidates standards. The changes have been welcomed, but there is room for improvement.

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