COVID-19 Update from Envision Solar CEO

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“Ethical Markets is glad to report positive news from Envision Solar, whose free-standing solar-powered EV chargers and parking lots umbrellas create clean electricity and security for all in the more inclusive sustainable societies we are building in the global transition to renewably-resourced, circular economies.  For full disclosure, I’m proud to be an early and still enthusiastic investor in EVSI!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

Dear Envision Supporter,

All of us at Envision Solar sympathize deeply with anyone who has been affected by the current Coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 has created a great deal of uncertainty across the U.S. and the rest of the world. Each day we receive news that often creates more questions than answers. The public markets are reacting, and as a Nasdaq-traded company, we are being impacted in ways that appear to be driven by broader market sentiments rather than fundamentals connected with our operations. I want to give you an update as to the reality of COVID-19’s current impact on Envision Solar’s business. Of course, the situation is fluid and we are monitoring all aspects of our operations and will provide updates in the event that any meaningful changes take place.

  • We are currently open for business and operating without restrictions
  • We are experiencing no supply chain interruptions or delays
  • We are regularly canvasing our vendors and at this time they are not reporting any anticipated supply chain interruptions
  • We are taking all reasonable steps to safeguard our employees’ and customers’ health
  • We are investigating whether we may see any delays in the issuance of purchase orders from our customers or in their receiving of our products. Though the potential for delays exists, we see no indications that cancellations of orders are being considered by any of our customers
  • We are communicating to our customers that we have a uniquely “zero interaction” infrastructure deployment where there is no need for customer representatives to be present when we deliver EV ARC™ units
  • Our Pipeline and Backlog remain robust and are growing
  • We continue to be well capitalized

Envision Solar is committed to maintaining a productive, safe and healthy workplace for our employees and experience for our customers as we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

In this time of global emergency, our vital infrastructure products continue to be deployed and the value they deliver is arguably magnified. The accelerating electrification of government, commercial and private fleets requires EV charging to keep vehicles operating for municipalities, first responders, businesses and the public. With the added benefits of energy resiliency and emergency preparedness, Envision Solar’s charging solutions carry a well-earned reputation for durability and steadfast service during disasters and emergencies. This continues to be an essential part or our mission.

At Envision headquarters, our manufacturing facility continues full operations. To heighten awareness and foster a healthy work environment, we’ve advised our employees to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) regarding hygiene, human interactions and travel. These guidelines have been posted, emailed and verbally emphasized in our recent “all-hands-on-deck” meetings. Non-essential business travel has been curtailed while employees are encouraged to leverage technology to conduct virtual business meetings whenever possible.

We’ve canvassed our vendors and at this time there are no supply chain disruptions existing or forecasted. Our battery cell supplier in China was temporarily offline but is now back with no disruption to our orders. We continue to monitor and manage suppliers to maintain timely delivery of our high-quality EV charging infrastructure and energy security products. We have always sourced as many of the materials and components required to manufacture our product in the U.S. as we can. We believe this has reduced the potential for supply chain disruption.

At this point, we are delivering new unit orders well within our committed delivery dates, and often ahead of schedule.

To ensure the health and safety of customers and delivery personnel, we are emphasizing our zero-contact rapid deployment and implementing a sanitized delivery process. This process is documented in the EV ARC™ Sanitized Delivery Assurance notice, with a checklist of actions taken on delivery to ensure the Deployment Expert has applied safe practices in both product and personal hygiene. Each delivery kit that customers receive will include a completed sanitization checklist, signed and dated by their Deployment Expert.

We appreciate the trust that you place in Envision Solar. We continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our employees and customers safe, while delivering the vital infrastructure needed in times of both prosperity and emergency.

I wish each of you good health and safety, and trust that we will – together — overcome this emergency as we have always done in the past.


Desmond Wheatley, CEO