Could 3 simple changes to banking fix the economy?

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Could 3 simple changes to banking fix the economy?


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If someone told you that a mountain of personal debt could be cleared via 3 simple changes to the way that money and banking works, would you like to know how? Would you like to see a more stable economy, with more jobs, less personal and government debt? Would you like to see money created free of debt and going into the real economy and support businesses, instead of getting trapped in financial and property markets?

Our new video explains how 3 simple changes to the way that money and banking works would make all this (and much more) possible.

1) NEW VIDEO: Could these 3 simple changes to banking fix the economy?

Watch this 4 minute video that explains in simple animations the essence of the Positive Money reform proposals:


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We’re trying to get the people in charge to understand why our current money system is broken and how we can fix it. It’s not going to happen overnight, but the faster we get the public, academics, the media and politicians to understand money, the faster we’ll get a banking system that works for society and not against it. 

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