Cornerstone Capital Group – A Perspective on Climate Change

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A Perspective on Climate Change:

Cornerstone Capital Group  believes that the capital markets must adapt to the evolving reality of climate change.  The Obama administration’s proposal on existing power plants continues an ongoing trend of increasing restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, whose implications are not fully captured by the financial markets. This statement identifies actions investors should take to address this emerging challenge.

Greater integration of climate change into investment management practices will require productive engagement between investors and companies and increased transparency about the long-term strategic implications of environmental change and evolving energy markets.  Click here to read more.

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Founded in 2013, Cornerstone Capital Inc. is a New York based financial services firm that provides cutting edge investment banking and strategic consulting services – and soon will provide unrivaled investment management advice. The mission of the firm is to marry the discipline of sustainable finance with mainstream capital markets.  By including the systematic analysis of environmental, social and governance factors into the investment process, the Cornerstone Capital Group is able to advise both investors and corporations on how to optimize their financial and business decision-making processes. Cornerstone’s Board of Directors, Global Advisory Council and Staff partner with organizations including the World Economic Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board , and the Principles for Responsible Investment to work towards collaboration and transparency in the global capital markets.

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