Control4 Goes Quiet on Home Energy Tech

kristy Green Prosperity

DAILY NEWSLETTER | Thursday, January 12, 2012

Control4 Goes Quiet on Home Energy Tech

The high-end home automation company isn’t fooling itself about the challenges of getting customers to buy into energy saving technology.

More Funding for a Different Focus on CPV From REhnu

Can the design for a better CPV mousetrap come from a telescope scientist?

Webberville: The Biggest Solar PV Installation in Texas

They tend to do things big in Texas.

CPS Energy to Announce OCI as Developer of 400 MW Solar PV Plant

If and when completed, the project will be one of the largest PV projects on earth.

REC Solar at GTM’s US Solar Market Insight

Marius Kroksjo discusses how REC lowers the cost of solar by driving down energy costs in silicon manufacturing.

Asian Smart Grid Update: India’s Big Push, Honeywell in China, Smart Streetlights

Honeywell to build China’s first automated demand response system. Plus, India’s government directs $100 million at smart grid pilots.

With Tariff Gone, US and Brazil Can Trade Ethanol Without Restrictions

But the prospect of swapping a bunch of ethanol with Brazil is somewhat peculiar.

ABB Gets $50 Million for New Grid Work in Texas

How semiconductors will grow renewables in the Lone Star State

Asia-US Trade Dispute Over Wind Towers?

Like solar panel manufacturers, wind tower makers say China (and Vietnam) are dumping to kill the US industry.

“How Do I Get a Job in Cleantech Venture Capital?”