Confronting the Smart Meter and Health Issue Link

kristy Resource Efficiency

Confronting the Smart Meter and Health Issue Link
The connection of smart meters and AMI to health issues, crop circles, and alien abductions.

Why Cars May Never Look the Same Again: LEDs
Call it crazy, but solid state lighting opens a whole new door for car designers.

TNG 2011: Software for the Grid
Larsh Johnson, eMeter co-founder, describes why utilities are beginning to open up their operations.

The Value of a Negawatt
Come find out where the best business case for energy savings is in New York City—and beyond.

Smart Grid Fest: Connectivity Week Kickoff
Opportunities, potential industry impasses, and thousands of acronyms

Financial Tools and Tourism: Some Ideas for U.S. Wind
Since the first utility-scale wind farms opened for business, wind has been about solutions—and the industry has some new ones.

TNG 2011: Landis + Gyr Speaks Out
Michelle Mindala-Freeman on what customers want from smart grid at The Networked Grid 2011.