Complimentary Webinar: GOING FOSSIL FREE – Lessons for Investors, Endowments & Advisors

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 Complimentary Webinar: GOING FOSSIL FREE – Lessons for Investors, Endowments & Advisors




May 16th Webinar

GOING FOSSIL FREE: Lessons for Investors, Endowments & Advisors

How to Build a Stronger, Diversified Portfolio and Dramatically Reduce Exposure to Fossil-Fuel Risk

How much of your investment portfolio could be stronger with less exposure to fossil fuel investments? Could you lessen risk and enhance return by going fossil free?

Since 2011, the global energy sector has diverged from the S & P 500 for the first time in a decade, and dramatically lagged the
S & P 500. The Coal Index (KOL) is down 28% since late 2011, and the Oil & Gas Index (BGR) is down 8% as well. The
S & P/TruCost Carbon-Efficient Index, however, has outperformed since inception in 2011.

Many institutional asset managers have invested in companies whose entire value is derived from extracting carbon-based fuels, thereby creating pollution and tremendous financial risk. These investments are subject to severe future risk whereby assets could become stranded and could even become liabilities.

Join HIP Investor for this free webinar with leading industry experts as we highlight potential downside risk and financial losses, as well as how to optimize for upside potential by identifying possible “stranded assets” and fossil-fuel exposure.

Attendees will receive HIP Investor’s complimentary whitepaper on “Resilient Portfolios and Fossil-Free Pensions” co-authored by HIP Investor and Go

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Shilpa Andalkar
Senior Vice President, Investment Adviser and Impact Analyst

Shilpa leads the design & delivery to clients, advisors and 401K’s of HIP Investor impact, risk and reporting methodology. Shilpa brings data systems and project management experience from the California League of Conservation Voters. Shilpa graduated with Honors from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Economics. Shilpa holds a Series 65 Investment Adviser license.

Keith Green
Senior Vice President, Client and Partnership Development

Keith leads Client and Partnership Development at HIP. Keith started at CitiGroup specializing in off balance sheet finance, structured finance, and project finance. Keith has been a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch. Keith has built several businesses from the ground up including ASSET4 (acquired by Thomson Reuters). Keith’s stakeholder relationships include the EPA, PRI, GRI, CERES, BSR. Keith graduated from the University of Albany in 1996.

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May 16, 2014 at 2pm – 2:45pm EST


Who should join the webinar? 

  • if your clients are institutional asset managers
  • if you are concerned about environmental efficiency in your portfolio
  • if your clients are institutional asset owners
  • if you create Indexes and ETFs
  • if you work for an exchange and interested in disclosures in this area from issuers

Why attend?
This webinar features HIP Investor leader of the `Going Fossil-Free Investing Practice’ SVP Shilpa Andalkar and SVP Keith Green who will walk us through the strategic risks and upside of going fossil free across a variety of portfolio goals and objectives.

Interactive Q & A will follow the main presentation.


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