Companies miss out on tax incentives for sustainability

kristy SRI/ESG News, Greentech

Companies miss out on tax incentives for sustainability
Companies might fail to minimise the cost of sustainability initiatives if their tax departments are not involved in the efforts, says Ernst & Young. More >>>

US biofuels set to outshine geothermal, say financiers
The investment future is bright for the US biofuels sector, but the geothermal industry will continue to struggle, according to financiers. More >>>

Digging out demand
Uncertain demand for forest carbon credits is making project developers seek alternative sources of finance. Christopher Cundy reports

Investors see merit in low Rio+20 expectations
Expectations are low for Rio+20, meaning that the summit stands a reasonable chance of success, a panel of investors said on Monday. More >>>

MEPs back low-carbon roadmap, tightening carbon market
Europe?s elected officials have strongly endorsed the low-carbon ?roadmap? to 2050 that was rejected by Poland last week, and called on the European Commission to shore up the bloc?s emissions trading system. More >>>

Clean energy investors should look to Brazil, Nicaragua, Panama
Brazil, Nicaragua and Panama have been ranked the most attractive countries for clean energy investments in Latin America and the Caribbean by Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Multilateral Investment Fund. More >>>

The rising tide
Looming drought in the UK is the latest reminder that it?s time for companies to get serious about water management, says Joe Flanagan

HSBC tips energy efficiency sector
Climate theme investors should switch out of low-carbon energy production into energy efficiency and energy management, according to analysts at HSBC. More >>>

Boutique questions renewables commitment
Senior management at GC Andersen Partners are mulling whether the boutique investment firm should stick to its commitment to dedicate about one third of its resources to the clean technology and alternative energy sector, according to one partner. More >>>