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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Localists,

I’m writing to let you know about an exciting new workshop I’m co-leading with Marco Vangelisti, one of the leading movers and thinkers in the national Slow Money movement. The workshop is called “Align Your Investment with Your Values and Your Community,” and it will be held on Sunday, September 11 in downtown Bethesda

The workshop is designed to give participants a thorough understanding in local investment options and teach key skills for evaluating the quality, risk, and returns from local investments

You can learn more about the workshop and the curriculum by clicking on this link:

Align Your Investments with Your Values and Your Community

If you are interested, I encourage you to sign up now and take advantage of our discounted early bird rates, lasting now until September 1. Additionally, Marco and I have limited the number of participant slots to ensure a higher quality experience for participants

For those of you living elsewhere in the country who might be interested in our holding this workshop near you, please send me an e-mail letting me know ([email protected])

A few more details about the course. Here’s what we expect participants will get out of the day:

-Learn the importance of locally owned business to your community’s prosperity

-Understand the expanding range of tools you can use to invest locally, including banks, credit unions, coops, crowdfunding, pre-buying, local investment funds and self-directed IRAs

-Learn the terminology you need to speak confidently with your financial advisors

-Learn basic portfolio management tools so you can analyze your own financial profile and needs

-Clarify your personal values and connect them with your investments

-Determine what portion of your portfolio is prudent to allocate to local or direct investing

-Explore a list of potential investments based in the Washington region and practice what you learned by assessing their risk, return and alignment with your values

-Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar quest!

Again, if you’re interested, please check out the details above, and sign up before September 1 to get the discounted rate.

Finally, even if you can’t attend, Marco and I would appreciate your forwarding this announcement to any friends or colleagues who might be interested. Many thanks in advance for helping to spread the word.

Best wishes, Michael Shuman

PS — Apologies for cross-posts and duplicates. If I’ve accidentally captured more than one of your e-mail addresses, just let me know which one to keep.