Communities going zero waste, Reinventing the commute, And More

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This week Casey O’Brien wrote about different communities around the world going zero waste; Marina Kelava covered bike surfing; which is couchsurfing but for bikes; and Nithin Coca created a list of global projects that are reinventing the commute.

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How communities worldwide are going zero waste

Communities around the world are coming together to create innovative strategies for getting to zero waste, from household cleaners to fabric scraps.

Reinventing the commute in the sharing economy

Here are a few of projects re-inventing the commute, giving users lower costs through shared and sustainable alternatives to driving.

How the Couchsurfing concept launched a bike sharing network in Europe

The Bikesurf network gets more people on bicycles through bike sharing. It not only promotes sharing among people, but also has other benefits for society.Featured events

Red Vic Lectures ? Building Collective Resilience After Disaster

San Francisco, United States| January 28

This free event (part of the ongoing Red Vic Lecture Series) features a presentation from Shareable’s Tom Llewellyn and celebrates the release of the new book “The Response: Building Collective Resilience in the Wake of Disasters” (download a free PDF). It will also feature a screening of Shareable’s 30 minute documentary film, “The Response: How Puerto Rican’s Are Restoring Power to the People.”