ClimateBiz News: March 7, 2008

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Merck Plans to Slash GHG Emissions, Water Demand
Merck & Co. Inc. said it will slash absolute greenhouse gas emissions from its worldwide operations 12 percent below 2004 levels by late 2012, as well as reduce water demand by 15 percent.

PG&E Turns Cow Manure Into Energy

Pacific Gas & Electric has diversified its renewable energy interests with a project using methane from cow manure to provide power.

Nestle Reduces GHG Emissions, Packaging and Energy Use: Report

During the last 10 years, Nestle slashed its direct greenhouse gas emissions 16 percent and cut energy use 3 percent while at the same time, its production volume increase 76 percent. The company’s bottled water products now use nearly a quarter less packaging, according to a new company report.

Water Utilities Partner to Study Climate Change Effects
Eight utilities across the country formed the Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) to research the ways in which global warming will impact their operations.

Agriculture Can Speed or Slow Climate Change, Groups Say
Organic fertilizers can significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions if used properly, according to a new scientific report; but unless the organic farming community works to create goals for climate protection any gains could be overwhelmed by international shipments of food products.

U.N. Creates Climate Neutral Network, Bringing Together Countries, Cities and Companies
The web-based Climate Neutral Network offers cities, countries, business and organizations throughout the world a forum for sharing their experiences cutting greenhouse gas emissions and learning from one another.

U.S. May Agree to Binding Greenhouse Gas Reductions
The United States could sign onto binding climate commitments that apply to both developed and developing countries.

Climate Change Causing ‘Shift’ in Corporate Mindsets: U.N.
The U.N. Environment Program’s Year Book 2008 illustrates how more business leaders are beginning to view climate change as an opportunity, rather than as a liability, leading to the emergence of a green economy.

Westar to Explore Renewables, Efficiency Programs
Westar Energy plans to put off building additional coal-fired power plants in favor of energy efficiency programs, investing in renewable energy and improving the environmental performance of existing coal plants.

Two Blows for Calif. Emissions Rules
The state of California’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants from ships and cars were dealt two blows recently.

ASLA Creates Climate Policy Recommendations
The American Society of Landscape called on Congress to incorporate principles of sustainable design into future climate change public policy.