Climate First Bank Fireside Chat with Carlton Ward Jr. May 25, 2023

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Join us for our next virtual Climate First Fireside Chat, May 25, 2023 12:00 – 1:00pm EST.

Climate First Bank CEO & Founder, Ken LaRoe, will be joined by Carlton Ward Jr., National Geographic Explorer and conservation photographer. 



Join our next Fireside Chat.
Our next Fireside Chat is on May 25, 2023, Ken will be speaking with Carlton Ward Jr. Carlton is a conservation photographer and National Geographic Explorer whose passion for nature was born from the Florida landscape. His mission is to inspire appreciation and protection of Florida’s original nature and culture – the endangered wildness that is often hidden in plain sight but very much needs our attention to be saved.


In 2013, Carlton founded Florida Wild, a media and production company working to elevate and protect wild Florida through strategic communications. In 2022, Florida Wild was renamed to Wildpath, expanding the possibilities for conservation storytelling and impact beyond the borders of Florida. Productions include Chasing Ghosts and Path of the Panther (soon to be a National Geographic documentary), both in partnership with Grizzly Creek Films. 


The Path of the Panther project has been Carlton’s full-time focus since 2016, supported by grants from the National Geographic Society and numerous partners. Carlton and his team are managing a network of professional photography and video camera traps throughout critical habitat of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Their purpose is to inspire a public and political movement to save the Florida Wildlife Corridor through the story of the endangered Florida panther.

Join us on May 25th to hear more.