Climate/ Ecosystem Mitigation/ Remediation – Role of Halophytes

Jay Owen Halophytes

Climate/ Ecosystem Mitigation/ Remediation – Role of Halophytes

Dennis M. Bushnell

Chief Scientist

NASA Langley Research Center

Briefer Halophyte Activities….

  • Presentations at International Climate and water Forums
  • Extensive “Futures” briefs and publications explicating, advocating, extoling such
  • Through the tech advisor to Sec State, Halophyte site near Aswan, Egypt
  • Adviser to Boeing, their halophyte production of aviation fuels in the UAE
  • Worked with the Netherlands Plenipotentiary for Aruba, food, fuels from Halophytes on their desert eastern portion
  • Interactions with “Angel” investors, advisor to small Halophyte startups
  • Serve on the Advanced Power and Energy working group for the National Intelligence Council, where I explicate/ advocate Halophytes
  • Tried to interest The senate/ house energy committees, DOE/Golden, Dept. of Ag., The Academy – No joy….Things were just not bad enough quite yet

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