Clean Clothes and Dishes for a Fraction of the Energy

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News Energy Efficiency
Clean Clothes and Dishes for a Fraction of the Energy
Katherine Tweed – May 16, 2012
DOE releases new appliance standards, with more on the way.



News Smart Grid
Opower Adds Utility Customers, Tests Smart Thermostats
Jeff St. John – May 16, 2012
The startup with more than 70 utility customers expands into Europe and pilots its smart thermostats with Honeywell.



Perspectives Markets & Policy
Guest Post: Top-Tier Chinese Solar Firms Have a Legitimate Cost Advantage
Molly Castelazo – May 16, 2012
Keeping this debate to the actual facts is critically important, in no small part because the stakes of this trade case are so high.



Research & Analysis Thin Film
Thin Film Manufacturing Prospects in the Sub-Dollar-Per-Watt Market
MJ Shiao – May 16, 2012
What happened to the promise of thin-film PV?



News HAN & Building Automation
WeatherBug Debuts Its Energy Management App
Katherine Tweed – May 16, 2012
When temperatures soar, who better than a weather company to control your thermostat?




News Thin Film
Stion Is Having a CIGS Solar Sale
Eric Wesoff – May 16, 2012
Can Stion get its factory to capacity by offering modules at $0.75 per watt?



GTM Update Smart Grid
Smart Grid Market in China, Japan and South Korea to Hit $19 Billion by 2016
STAFF – May 16, 2012
New report from GTM Research pinpoints the strategies for engaging Asia’s top smart grid markets.



News PHEV Integration
Video: NRG CEO David Crane on Electric Vehicles and Parking
Eric Wesoff – May 16, 2012
“I am very pleased that NRG employees have been among the first to embrace plug-in vehicles—even if it means I don’t have a guaranteed parking spot at work.”



News Batteries & Storage
The EEStor Ultracapacitor Saga Continues
Eric Wesoff – May 15, 2012
The ultracapacitor urban legend rises again.