Classic Articles: Globalization – A Summon to Social Renewal in the 21st Century

Jay Owen Articles by Hazel Henderson

This classic piece by Hazel Henderson was written in 1996 for the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue on her acceptance of their Global Citizens Award.” ~ Editor


Globalization: A Summon to Social Renewal in the 21st Century

Hazel Henderson offered these remarks at the Center’s Second Annual Global Citizen Awards Ceremony, held in 1997. Her award co-recipient that year was Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. Ms. Henderson is the author of many books, including Planetary Citizenship (2004), a dialogue with Center founder Daisaku Ikeda, andEthical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (2006). She was introduced by Ambassador Juan Somavia, Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations.

Juan Somavia: An Introduction

As a friend and colleague of Hazel Henderson, it is my privilege this evening to salute Dr. Henderson’s global solutions shaping, both intellectually and politically, the way policy makers and civil society alike think about economics and society in general. Hazel has creatively and tirelessly urged us to apply human values to the “dismal science,” to challenge the commonly accepted notion that the market, left to its own, will solve all social problems. She has coined phrases like the “global casino” to powerfully illustrate that economics is very much a human science in which things sometimes can go wrong. Hazel’s ability to synthesize extremely complex concepts into succinct expressions is one of her distinguishing gifts.