Citizens United & Money in Politics

kristy Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News

ASBC Newsletter January 2o12

Dear ASBC Community,

As we take a running jump into 2012, we already see that there are a growing number of indicators illustrating the growing importance of the different business voice that ASBC, its member organizations and many businesses bring to the national dialogue about the direction of economy and the policies to help shape that.

The recent poll results that you will read about below surely indicate that there is broad, strong support for good regulations, creating a fairer tax system, and for fixing the problems with money in politics.

We applaud the media receptiveness to including our business leader?s perspective in their coverage. See a sampling of some of the coverage below.

We will continue to reach out to the White House and Capital Hill and hope that you will join us in telling your business story of how we can grow business, create good jobs and help our communities and country get back on track.

Below you will see a number of opportunities to take action and add your voice to the efforts to create a just and sustainable economy.

We also ask you to help us to identify new business organizations and businesses to join our Council and help us
We look forward to work with you and many others as we build the economy of tomorrow ? today.


David Levine,
Cofounder and CEO,
American Sustainable Business Councilear ASBC Community


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