Circular Economy Framework Lacks ‘Substance,’ According to Researchers

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This week, we heard insights from the Erb Intitute’s work helping to cultivate Corporate Political Responsibility; from the esteemed Paul Polman on the future of business; from Swedish researchers on the gaps in current circular economy efforts; and from Gold Standard on essential elements for next-generation carbon-offsetting schemes …






Q&A: The Role of Corporate Integrity, Authenticity in a Polarized World

As governments and public entities remain slow-moving, companies backing their values with action matters more than ever. But for those unsure how to respond to shifting expectations, how do they know they’re leading in a responsible way?



‘Bringing Humanity Back to Business’: 10 Insights from Paul Polman

Carol Cone — internationally recognized Purpose pioneer and host of the Purpose 360 podcast — spoke with the former Unilever CEO and fellow Purpose pioneer on the eve of the release of his new book, Net Positive.



Circular Solutions Still Promising, But Researchers Say Framework Lacks ‘Substance’

A recent Ellen MacArthur Foundation study examines the myriad ways that scaled circular models can help restore critical biodiversity; but Swedish researchers warn that without more clarity and substance, efforts to scale a circular economy risk becoming counterproductive.



Reimagining Finance for Forests in a Climate-Changing World

Carbon credits, which promise an impact measured to a specific quantity of CO2, may not be the most efficient instrument in constantly climate-changing world. But a new approach can make carbon markets fit-for-purpose moving forward. Here are some key premises for business to finance forests and broader climate action in a new era.

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