Change agents, listen up. Join the 2/21 tele-class to turn good intentions into powerful actions.

kristy Global Citizen

Hello everyone!

No much these days gets me to look up from writing my new book , but hearing Maureen Jack-LaCroix talk about her Be the Change Action Circles so inspired me that I’m joining her and Joanna Macy, Juanita Brown and Christina Baldwin for a free teleclass ?The Power of Circles? Teleseminar Series. On February 21 we’ll circle up with you through the magic of MaestroConference so you can experience the power of circles to change the world.

Maureen Jack-LaCroix is the founder of Be the Change Earth Alliance and coauthor of the Be the Change Action Guide. She is full of heart, passion and humor – and her guide answers that question we all have: I want to “be the change”, but what steps do I take that really make a difference? You get hundreds of actions, some easy and quick, some hard but worth it – all important, all do-able. What a service!

With the guide, you can start a Be the Change Circle, semi-monthly meet-ups with friends who share your desire to make concrete change in response to the big issues of our times. The circles work on every level: head, heart and hands. After 8-sessions you will have turned vision into action, intention into accomplishment.

I signed up to host this free introduction on February 21 because I think the spirit and technology for change of the Be the Change Circles is perfect for our times.

Read Maureen’s introduction to the free teleclass on February 21 below – and I encourage you to sign up and be one of the first national cohort of local circle leaders. Your circles of friends will be very grateful to you for bringing them this concrete pathway to making change.

No matter what our philosophy or politics or faith tradition, we are being called from every quarter to join with others to turn the tide towards a healthy future for our world. I’m fully engaged – currently through writing my book – and feel exhilarated to work with so many creative and caring people, making change together. I hope you’ll check out the free teleclass to support yourself in being a change leader.

Vicki Robin

ps: Save the Dates for a trip of a lifetime with me to Brazil – October 5-14, 2012. It’s called Taste of Brazil because it’s about Brazil through the lens of food: eating, visiting farms and learning about the dynamism of the people and land.

pps: here’s Maureen’s invitation…

In these deeply troubling times, we all want to affect real change. But we often wonder, “How can I, through my one life, possibly make a difference?” Say no more! We can lead and inspire change, be empowered to live in alignment with our values, and provide hope for others. Now is the time to close the gap between what we want to do and what we end up doing!

A powerful technology of change exists to turn vision into action: Be the Change Circles. They can help you transform your life from within and create a conscious community of practice with other people who want to embrace a sustainable way of thinking and acting.

You are warmly invited to join an incredible group of women for a FREE seminar on THE POWER OF CIRCLES on Tuesday, February 21 that launches an ongoing, facilitated curriculum of bi-weekly Action Circles.

Hear these five powerful visionaries share their clear and compelling insights on the power that circles can bring to the social change movement of today.

JOANNA MACY, PhD, visionary activist, teacher, facilitator, scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory and deep ecology, author of Coming Back to Life and founder of The Work That Reconnects
VICKI ROBIN, co-author of Your Money or Your Life, international speaker on downsizing consumption and co-founder of Conversation Cafés and Sustainable Seattle
JUANITA BROWN, co-author, The World Café, Bringing Conversations to Life, consultant and founder of Whole Systems Associates
CHRISTINA BALDWIN, MS, master facilitator, author of Calling the Circle and The Circle Way, co-founder of Peer Spirit
MAUREEN JACK-LACROIX, editor of the Be the Change Action Guide and founder of Be The Change Earth Alliance

Click here to sign up for the free introduction and to learn more about this groundbreaking event and the ongoing tele-Circle curriculum!