Certificate in Strategic Foresight

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Certificate in Strategic Foresight
5-Day, Project-Based, Face-to-Face Workshop
January 9-13, 2012, Houston, Texas, USA
University of Houston Futures Studies Program

Strategic Foresight | 713.743.1060

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to direct your attention to a training opportunity in foresight skills. The Certificate in Strategic Foresight is being offered by Dr. Peter Bishop at the University of Houston Masters Program for Futures Studies.

Peter has been a long-term partner of the World Future Society and has been offering the Introduction to Futures Studies course at the Society’s Annual Conference for half a decade.

This five-day program in January 2012, described below my signature, provides tools to create a positive future for your company and yourself in today’s constantly changing world.

Take care,

Timothy Mack
World Future Society
[email protected]
301-656-8274 (x104)

University of Houston
Futures Studies Program … 36 years of educating foresight professionals

Now offering:
Certificate in Strategic Foresight:
A 5-day project-based workshop
January 9-13, 2012, Magnolia Hotel, Houston, Texas, USA

Providing professionals with tools to help navigate today’s constantly changing business environment and create a positive future for their communities, enterprises and themselves.

What Previous Participants Said:

“One wonders if Dr. Peter Bishop realizes how much change he truly influences when he conducts the Certificate in Strategic Foresight course at the University of Houston …. I left with more than I anticipated. We expected this: a foundation in framing, research, and forecasting techniques, visioning and planning approaches, and tactics for action within our organizations …. But there’s more. The instructors are superb, and fellow students are dynamic and hail from a range of backgrounds and locales, both international and US. In courses designed this well, there’s often a synergy, even a gestalt of sorts that lasts until the course ends. The effects of Dr. Bishop’s class, however, are ongoing. Many of those involved in the course have significantly changed their careers, their positions, their influence over planning, thanks to the powerful tools gained in the course. We made permanent connections (always good for support in the world of foresight) and important connections for future opportunities. All of this goodness, CEU credits, and a certificate for the wall to lend credibility to your methods. The only negative of the course? You’ll want more. It’s addictive – so I’d consider the 2-year online course if you’re up for it.”
-Civilian Manager, U.S. Department of Defense

“As a private consultant, I am often asked by my clients to assist in developing a variety of strategic and operational plans. The Strategic Foresight Certificate gave me a wide variety of additional tools and techniques that I can utilize to develop scenarios of possible futures for my clients. Clients have found this helpful in mapping out the possibilities that the future can bring and more importantly it allows them to position themselves to influence the type of future they wish to create.”
-Alain Rabeau, Senior Consultant, The Intersol Group

“Strategic Foresight has helped me structure futures thinking and futures strategies into a curriculum that can be used for middle school students that will prepare these future world leaders to anticipate and cope with change, and to empower them with the ability to create solutions for a preferable future.”
-Public Education, Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator


$2500 if registered by Dec. 9, 2011
$2750 by Jan. 2, 2012 (if available)
$3000 by Jan. 9, 2012 (if available)


(Early registration is strongly recommended. All previous sessions have sold out weeks before the session.)

Strategic Foresight | 713.743.1060

Hotel Reservations

Magnolia Hotel, Houston – (888)915-1110


To get the special discount, explain that you are attending the University of Houston’s Strategic Foresight Seminar ($150/night + tax)

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