CEE Winter Update

Jay Owen Beyond GDP

Center for Earth Ethics hosted Mamo Lorenzo of the Archuaco people along with
Pacha Kanchay (Yanakuna) and Mauricio (Embera), who stopped for 2 days of
meetings and prayers in New York on their way from Colombia to India.



Dear Friends!  The first perennials are breaking through their shells deep beneath the snow blanketed earth.  We, too, are emerging and taking up the work we will carry for seasons ahead.  There are rhythms and cycles to the natural world.  It is to this intelligence we must take heed, to find the sustainable solutions for our planet.


Enjoy these updates from our team and please join us for coming events
focusing on the issues that matter most.


~ The Center for Earth Ethics Team  ~Original Caretakers Continues Weaving Indigenous Wisdom
In and Out of the Classroom

Eagle and Condor Consciousness:
An Evening with Three Thinkers in the Native Way

The Center for Earth Ethics invites you to join us for a discussion on understanding non-verbal thinking in the anthropocentric age. Our talk will be shaped by the voices of Tiokasin Ghosthorse (Cheyenne River Lakota), founder, host, and executive producer of “First Voices Radio”, Mindahi Bastida Muñoz (Otomi) Director of the Original Caretakers Program at the Center for Earth Ethics and Geraldine Patrick Encina (Mapuche descent), Scholar in Residence at the Center for Earth Ethics.

Catching Up with Original Caretakers Fellows…