Information feudalism and permanent rent in the cloud

Cory Doctorow’s editorial in the Guardian has an implicit warning. Cloud Computing may be the vehicle for extracting permanent financial rents, in a form of license-based feudalism. Cory also thinks it is unwise to rely on a  corporate cloud in times of financial turbulence.

P2P Foundation: Homegrown Urban Agriculture and Participatory Leadership

The revival of homegrown urban agriculture Commentary from Sam Rose: “Not only is urban agriculture an emerging movement for individuals, it is also being pursued as part of a sustainable urban renewal strategy throughout the midwest. Participatory  Leadership We have started to separately collate material on the new forms of …

NAMLE Meritorious Service Award Honors Longtime Leader

Posted August 28, 2009 The National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) has honored one of its own with its coveted  Meritorious Service Award, during its national conference, “Bridging Literacies: Critical Connections in a Digital World,” which was recently held in Detroit. 

The Trust Frequency Study Guide

Posted August 28, 2009 Keys to Wisdom, Prosperity and Enlightenment Based on the book THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm by Andrew Cameron Bailey & Connie Baxter Marlow Click here…

“P2P Foundation” – 3 new articles

August 19, 2009 1.  From corporate publishing, via self-publishing, to cloud publishing 2.  A new book on Independent Media in Chinese Societies

“P2P Foundation” – 5 new articles

1.  From Cloud Computing to Freedom-based Utility Computing 2. Re-opening the Commons 3. Franz Nahrada on Videobridging for Virtual Village Universities 4. The case for building free software cooperatives 5.  Links for 2009-08-13 []

A Silver Lining to the Economic Downturn

An alternative to panicking when GDP stops growing is to view it as a sign of maturity. Human activity cannot expand forever on our finite planet. An economy growing at 3% a year doubles its size every 24 years. Centuries of such growth have brought us to a mature size. …