Federation Develops Express Application for Secondary Capital Investments

March 5, 2009 In response to the recent economic downturn and the potential cost of the Corporate CU Stabilization proposal on CDCUs across the nation, the Federation has developed a new Express Application for CDCUs in need of Secondary Capital. Read more… Hotel for Dogs download Hellbinders hd

February 2009 – E-News from the National Federation of CDCUs

Obama Proposes Doubling of CDFI Fund Appropriations We are delighted to report that prominently features an increase in CDFI Fund appropriations. If the budget passes, it would mean that more than $200 million would be available in 2009 – 2010 for the CDFI Fund. 

Tuesday Barter Report – March 3, 2009

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Vermont Commons: Stimulating Town Meeting

EDITORIAL: No Apologies – Retooling Vermont for Revolutionary Times (Rob Williams, Editor / Publisher) FEATURE: Tax Time – Why Vermonters In An Independent Republic Would Pay Lower Taxes (Hans Ohanian) BOOK REVIEW: Slow Money – Planet Finance versus Planet Earth (Woody Tasch) Read the full newsletter… Smash Cut movie download …

Post Carbon Newsletter – February 2009

As the US economic stimulus package finally leaves the starting gate, both the Obama Administration and the media are speaking more openly about a stark reality: the global economic crisis is deep, severe, and will last more than a few years. Read more…

Federation Board Addresses Key Policy Issues

(February 24, 2009 – Washington, DC)  Meeting in Washington, DC, the board of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (Federation) adopted resolutions supporting measures to sustain the credit union system; enhance the viability and capacity of low-income credit unions; and aid low- and moderate-income families hard hit by …

Feb. 25, 2009: DualCurrency Introductory Video

Here is a proposal to unite the nation in constructive action, not merely in traditional post-election platitudes.  It offers a strategy that is neither left nor right nor compromise. 


by Ellen Brown www.opednews.com Attorney Ellen H. Brown  has the very best way to fund Obama’s stimulus plan in this brilliant article. Moody’s credit rating agency is warning that the U.S. government’s AAA credit rating is at risk, because it has taken on so much debt that there are few …

The Capital Homestead Act

The Capital Homestead Act is a comprehensive national economic strategy for empowering every American citizen, including the poorest of the poor, with the means to acquire, control and enjoy the fruits of productive corporate assets. Read more…