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“Ethical Markets highly recommends these informative TV shows with  our esteemed Advisory Board member, monetary expert Ellen Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute

and Prof. Mehrsa Baradaran and Carlos Marroquin, particularly on the status of reviving  Postal banking, which flourishes for decades at the now beleaguered US Postal Service!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Watch PBI LIVE Ep 2 on public banks vs. redlining Friday, August 28 at 11am ET / 8am PT

A recent story covered by BBC News featured engineer and entrepreneur Brian Rice, who wanted to invest in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Despite having enough cash to purchase eight buildings and a solid credit score, Rice was unable to secure the financing he needed to upgrade the properties. How could public banks make a difference to ongoing discriminatory practices? Brian Rice joins us with PBI Advisory Board member Dr. Amara Enyia and PBI Board Member Carlos Marroquin.

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Catch REPLAY of PBI LIVE Ep1 with Mehrsa Baradaran and Ellen Brown about postal banking and the USPS

Watch the recording of last week’s debut PBI LIVE show here (YouTube). As the US electorate pushes back to save the Post Office, an animated discussion of the issues took place between PBI Chair Ellen Brown and Mehrsa Baradaran, UC Irvine Law Professor, postal banking expert, and PBI Advisory Board member. Carlos Marroquin, Board Member and APWU member, introduced the conversation.

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