Carbon Tracker debunks myths of the energy transition.

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Debunking the myths of the energy transition

In our latest series of analyst notes, Kingsmill Bond will be debunking common myths perpetuated by the merchants of doubt.

Taking on the myths one by one, Kingsmill will be explaining how and why these myths are wrong, contrasting them with reality and showing how actors are willfully or ignorantly misleading the public.

Read the first two on our website now:

  1. Renewables are too small to matter
  2. The intermittency of renewables will prevent the transition

Economic and financial risks of coal power
in South East Asia
Our research team have produced three country briefings looking at the potential stranded asset risk of coal-fired power capacity in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The study finds that by 2029, it could be cheaper to build new renewables than keep existing coal plants operating in the region.

In addition, a combined $60bn is at risk of becoming stranded in a scenario that sees coal power phased-out in a manner consistent with the temperature goal in the Paris Agreement. Indonesia is the most at risk of stranded assets, with $35 bn at risk.

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