Capitol Hill Citizen: spotlight on the Corporate Congress

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“Democracy Dies in Broad Daylight”


We are pleased to announce the inaugural pilot issue of the Capitol Hill Citizen, a print-only newspaper that shines a much-needed spotlight on the Corporate Congress.

Why did we create the Capitol Hill Citizen? Because Congress is broken. It empowers giant corporations, permanently funds a war economy, and allows corporate influence to permeate every department and agency of the federal government. Congress serves commercial interests over the interests of the people. And what Congress does and does not do affects more people worldwide than any other institution in the world.

This Corporate Congress needs laser beams of light not adequately provided by the mainstream media.

For a donation of $5 or more to cover shipping and handling, we will mail to you a printed copy of the Capitol Hill Citizen. (You won’t find these articles online!) Please consider sending your feedback about this newspaper to your Senators and Representatives who have just received a copy in their offices.

Inside this inaugural issue:
The Decline and Fall of the U.S. Congress
Congressional Oversight Failing
F for Failure on Health Care
The Corporate Black Caucus
Bring Back OTA
Only Congress Can Declare War
and more!

Go to to order your copy and be sure to spread the word.