Capitalizing on the Data of Cleantech

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Software & Applications
Capitalizing on the Data of Cleantech
Staff – March 22, 2012
Is there power in numbers? GTM Research, Johnson Controls, Con Edison, and Efficiency 2.0 decide in this upcoming live stream.

HAN & Building Automation
Utilities, Vendors Expand Support for Green Button
Katherine Tweed – March 22, 2012
Will the Green Button become the industry?s easy button to reach consumers?

Greentech Media Announces COO of Oncor to Keynote Networked Grid Conference
Staff – March 22, 2012
Smart grid event hosts speakers from top North American electric utilities.

The Green Button Goes Commercial
Jeff St. John – March 22, 2012
Can the White House?s proposed standard for sharing energy data make the leap from homeowners to business owners?

Obama Visits Largest Solar Plant in US and Talks Energy
Eric Wesoff – March 22, 2012
President praises solar power, supports homegrown fossil fuels, and calls opponents of green energy ?the Flat Earth Society.?

Other Energy

EnergySource?s New Geothermal Plant Is Online Near the Salton Sea
Herman K. Trabish – March 22, 2012
The region may be the best resource?and best-kept secret?in the geothermal sector.

GTM?s Solar Summit to Provide Strategic Guidance to an Industry in Turmoil

Staff – March 22, 2012
Fifth annual conference to be held May 1-2, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona

Guest Post: Top 10 Women of Biofuels

Lisa Ann Pinkerton – March 22, 2012
We shine the spotlight on the most savvy and accomplished women pioneers in cleantech and sustainability.

World Water Day: Trillions Needed in Investment

Katherine Tweed – March 22, 2012
World Water Day highlights investment opportunities as global fresh water grows scarce.