Can Cellular Shake Its Stigma?

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Can Cellular Shake Its Stigma?
Forget about high cost, lack of coverage and security questions. Cellular is here to compete in the smart grid market. Or is it?

Where Energy and IT May NOT Converge
Everyone loves the idea of convergence, but putting servers on the network for air conditioners may be a tough concept to put into practice.

Tendril Acquires GroundedPower, Raises $23M
OPower faces competition as more companies begin to focus on consumer behavior.

Silver Spring Gets Into Demand Response
It will take on OPower and others in a software cavalcade.

Who Will Control Energy Consumption? Comverge Makes its Pitch
There’s a titanic battle going on for your thermostat and light switch.

Weatherbug, Bluetooth and Sprint: GridWeek News
Bluetooth and Weatherbug both see opportunities in smart grid, while Sprint and Control4 extend partnerships.

Layoffs Start at GridPoint
The software and retrofit outfit is trimming back.

General Electric Invests $400 Million in Fridge of the Future
Energy Star 2014 standards loom.

Corsell Out as GridPoint CEO
President and COO Mike Lach leaves, too. We’re on to GridPoint 4.0.

GE Acquires Opal Software for Window into Asia-Pacific Market
General Electric bought an Australian smart grid company for its software—and for global positioning.