Can Batteries Reduce the Cost of Solar?

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Can Batteries Reduce the Cost of Solar?
Sunverge says a 2-kilowatt system with batteries works better than a 4-kilowatt system, as grid management meets solar.

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Willie Makeit? Betty Won’t! A list of great ideas that circumstances have conspired against.

EV Maker Tesla’s Q4 Earnings Call
Winding down the Roadster, ramping up the Model S, losses continue on revenue growth—no surprises at the pioneering EV maker.

Guest Post: How Big are Fossil Subsidies? No One Really Knows
Americans are in the dark about the giveaways to fossil fuels, says Mike Casey.

U.S. Wind Tech Moving Into China?
AMSC had wind technology and zero Chinese employees in 2006—it now has 270 employees and $300+ million in business there.