Business Growth in an Era of Water Scarcity

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webinar by Trucost and Ecolab,  17 February 2015, Arizona State University

At our current pace of production, businesses will need 40 percent more water to feed, clothe and house two billion more middle class consumers in the next two decades. This conversation explores perspectives on strategies for making the business case to move from assessing water-related risks to acting on them, and doing it in ways that unlock innovative solutions and become part of operational decision-making that drives growth. Tackling water efficiency within a facility’s four walls is part of the solution, but what does leadership entail when a more collaborative supply chain and water stewardship approach is required? What does it take to integrate sustainability and water stewardship into supply chain decisions where the CFO and Chief Supply Chain Officer need to be on board?

Speakers include:

Libby Bernick, Senior Vice President, North America, Trucost

Emilio Tenuta, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab

Brad Colton, Global Operations Services Leader, Marriott International

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