Building Your Financial Lifeboat?

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We at Ethical Markets congratulate this Tesla Conference ISTA Organizing Committee for the ground-breaking conference in split, Croatia, at which I, also, was honored to  present, Hazel Henderson, Editor

New types of money based on energy could provide the best way to protect your wealth and/or business in the next financial crisis. This was a conclusion of a trail blazing conference held in Split, Croatia on 10-12 July. Bankers and scholars have neglected to consider different types of money as a way of resolving the many intractable perils and risks facing the world.
Experts attending The First International Social Transformation Conference noted that existing forms of money have proved to be neither self-regulating nor capable of being confidently regulated. Over eighty scientists, distinguished scholars and monetary entrepreneurs considered various forms of energy as a basis for establishing a more stable and resilient monetary system.

The conference attracted members from the Club of Rome who considered energy a fundamental requirement for providing sustainable stable prosperity. Other experts reported on their current successes in privately introducing money that allowed prosperity to be achieved without growth. This type of money that carries a usage fee had proved to be both highly attractive and successful when used in the Great Depression to stimulate local economies. A central banker reported on how 200 cities in Brazil had introduced local currencies to invigorate their local economies.

Organisers of the conference were The 40 Foundation, The Global Round Table, The World Academy of Art and Science, The City of Split, University of Split Faculty of Economics and the UK based New Economics Foundation.

The many monetary researchers, policy advisors and officials seeking details of the proceedings can obtain these from As a result of the highly appreciated feedback, Hares Youssef, the founder of The 40 Foundation, announced that a follow up conference is to be held next year.