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Future of Fuels: Stakeholder Forum on Fuel Sustainability Opportunities

Every year at the BSR Conference, I spend valuable time interacting one-on-one with participants and speakers. While each Conference is unique, attendees give me three reasons why they return year after year.

1. Network with Peers

The ability to network with leaders in sustainability at the BSR Conference is unparalleled. Participants take advantage of the time together to launch new projects, share best practices, and strategize for the coming year. This year, beyond our traditional networking opportunities, we’re offering multiple sessions focused on our theme—the Power of Networks—including how to manage sustainable supply chain networks, the power of social media networks around sustainability strategy, and NGO networks as change agents.

2. Collaborate Across Sectors

Our unique mix of stakeholders drives collaborative thinking and problem-solving. During sessions, receptions, and dinners, participants from business, policy, civil society, and academia share their stories of sustainability progress, paving the way for new partnerships. This year, interactive, collaborative sessions that bring together speakers from multiple sectors and industries will include investing in social impactsustainability storytelling, and human rights impact assessments.

3. Learn From the Experts

From pre-Conference trainings by BSR staff to plenary sessions on the main stage, speakers share their expertise in a way that informs and inspires participants. This year, hear from our plenary speakers Mary RobinsonDavid SteinerTony Elumelu, and George Roberts about building networks for sustainability leadership. And hear new perspectives from futurist Marina Gorbis and filmmakers Jacques Perrin and François Sarano.

Register today for the BSR Conference 2013 and experience firsthand the Power of Networks. I look forward to seeing you in November in San Francisco.

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Future of Fuels: Stakeholder Forum on Fuel Sustainability Opportunities