Bretton Woods Bulletin 1 September 2014: World Bank on gender: walking the equality talk?

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Bretton Woods Bulletin

The Bretton Woods Project has just published the new Bretton Woods Bulletin September 2014.

GENDER analysis
Who’s poor? New estimates led to halving of World Bank’s poverty numbers
A May World Bank-led statistical operation has used a new method to estimate purchasing power parities, allowing it to more than halve the estimated number of people living on below $1.25 per day from 1.22 to 0.57 billion.
World Bank criticised for rejecting Doing Business reform
In response to the World Bank’s rejection of significant reform to its revised Doing Business Report (DBR) methodology, civil society organisations sent a July letter to Bank president Jim Yong Kim.
PROJECT NEWS | background
Luiz Vieira joins the Project
Luiz has joined the Project as Coordinator. Previously he served for eight years as the chief of mission for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Timor Leste.

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World Bank on gender: walking the equality talk?
The World Bank is increasingly highlighting barriers to women accessing economic and social rights. However, it has been accused by NGOs of neglecting gender equality in the new draft of its safeguards policy framework.

Evicted Nigerian residents denied full investigation by World Bank’s Inspection Panel
Some 9,000 evicted residents of a Lagos community denied justice by the World Bank’s Inspection Panel as Amnesty International says Bank is “complicit” in process.
Tajikistan’s proposed mega-dam spells disaster for local communities
Whilst the World Bank’s assessment gives the green light to the world’s tallest dam in Tajikistan, a Human Rights Watch report highlights severe damage to local communities.

Accountability mechanism strongly criticises IFC loan to Honduran bank
An audit by the IFC’s accountability mechanism says the IFC failed to adequately address environmental and social risks when it approved a $70 million loan to Honduran bank Ficohsa.
Consultation launched on new draft World Bank safeguards
The World Bank has released a first draft of its new safeguards framework for consultation, despite concerns from civil society organisations and indigenous peoples groups.